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1. Will I be Charged For Uploading My Research Paper's ?

     It is FREE.

     On www.ProjectRim.com, You can UPLOAD and PUBLISH as many Research Works as you want, All Free Of Charge.


2.     How do I upload My Research Paper's ?

First you create a "User" account on projectrim.com, Then login and click on "Create a Seller" account. This will take you to a page where You will be required to enter your profile information and also the account information through which you will receive your payments.

 The resources required to upload and keep track of all your sales and download will now be made available.  Then click on “create a new product” or “New product Icon” to upload your Project File.



3.     How do I receive my payment?

Before requesting for payout, Ensure that your details are accurately specified in Seller your profile. Log on to your ProjectRim account and click on request payout. Select How you want to receive your Payment (Paypal, Skrill or Bank Transfer). The Admin will use your details provided on your profile to process your payment. You are expected to receive your payment within 1-5 working days. Please note that it takes a total of 7 Working days for a transaction to Mature before payout.



4.     What is the percentage of my commission?

For every successful transaction, The Seller is entitled to 81% Royalty.



5.     How much can I sell My Research Paper's ?

On projectRim.com you choose the price you want to sell your documented Research.



6.     How do I create a preview of My Research Paper's ?

During project upload, copy the Abstract, Table Of Content and The Complete Chapters 1 of your Research Document and paste in to the each of the respective Preview Boxes . It is MANDATORY that the ABSRACT, TABLE OF CONTENT and COMPLETE CHAPTER 1 of your Project/Research Report MUST be made available for preview.



7.     How do I promote my project work?

On ProjectRim.com You can share your project or research work with your friends on facebook and on twitter. It is simple:

a)     Log in to your projectrim account.

b)    Click on “Manage Your Product”.

c)     From the table of your listed product (Projects), Under the “ACTION” column, Click on the “View in store” Icon (The Magnifying Lens Image). This will take you to your product page.

d)    On your product page, Click on the FACEBOOK icon or TWITTER icon to share your project work on these two major Social Media.



8.     Where do I check for Error if I can’t submit my project document successfully?

a)  Every information field with a red asterisk (*) is compulsory and must be Entered properly.

     E.g. *Name.


b)    If the color of a given information field changes from "Black" to "Dark Red". It simply means that the seller has not entered the appropriate information or that the seller has not selected a choice within the listed options or the expected information is not complete. E.g. *Name (without error), *Name (when there is error).

9.  Do I still have Control Over My Research Work, after its has been Uploaded And Published ?

     Yes.... Every Seller has 100% Control Over their Research work, after it has been Uploaded and Published. This includes Editing, Uploading and Deleting at any time.


10. What If I don't want to Sell My Product? What if I want Users to download My Product Free Of Charge?

      If You wish to Share/Publish your Research Works On www.Projectrim.com, But do not want to charge any price for the complete file download. All You have to do is put "0" digit as the Price Of Your Product. This will give Interested Users Free Access To Download Your Research. 

        Also Note That In This Case You Will Still Be Paid Based on the Number Of Times Your File Is Downloaded.  Every Seller Who Wish To Share Their Research For  Free On Our Site Is Automatically Entitled To Our Download Bonus. This Means That You Get Paid Based On The Number Of Downloads Of Your Free Product[s].  

11.     How can I upload software file, videos and other digital materials that relates to my project work?

Create a folder and add all the necessary materials, then zip it and upload.

12.     How can I Attach My YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, DailyMotion or Youku Videos For Users to Preview?

It Is Simple. Just Click On the Video Icon on any of the Preview Box (Abstract, Table Of content and  Chapter 1), Then enter the link of Your Video.