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Project Upload.



Name And Description

1.  Name: This is the Project Title and must be stated.

2.  Description: The project must be properly described such as to give the viewer a brief overview of the entire work. Proper description gives a Better understanding of the work and increases the chance of Purchase from an interested viewer.

3.   Table Of content and Chapters 1: The entire table of content and chapters 1 must be made available. This can be done using the copy and paste functionality or any other means preferred by the assumed owner during upload. Please Note that any complain received from downloader’s within 48 hours (2 days) as a result of incomplete table of content or incomplete chapters 1 will Lead to Refund.

All Merchants/Sellers are here by advised to ensure:

ü     Their project document is complete with all the chapters as Specified on the table of Content.

ü     Their project description properly describes the project document.

ü      And if the Merchant/Seller does not include or does not wish to include other relevant Digital materials like software, source code, questionnaires, etc relating to the Project/Research Document. The Merchant/Seller is mandated to specify the non-inclusion of such material in the Project Description (Abstract) box.

ü     For projects that comes with software, videos and other digital materials. The Merchant/Seller is hereby advised to Use .Zip or .Rar file format, so as to enable  the merchant/seller upload all the required digital material at once and within one Zip or Rar file. 

ü     Their project preview contains a complete table of content and a complete chapter1.


4. Meta-tag description/keywords: The meta-tag description, although not compulsory is required for search engine optimization. This feature enable search engines to display the link to your project anytime someone is searching for project topics similar or relating to the same project as uploaded.

Price & Attributes

5.     Price: The up-loader must fix the price he wants to sell the project document.

6.   Category: This requires the up-loader to choose the faculty/department under which the research was conducted and is to be listed. The seller can also select multiple departments or faculties under which the project will be listed. E.g...If your project falls under information Science, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Technology. You can simply Choose by Selecting/Checking Faculty Of Engineering and Faculty Of Science, then departments of Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and the department of Information science. This means that your project will be listed under the faculty of engineering and faculty of science, Also on the Selected departments.



7.   Images: An image which will serve as a thumbnail is expected to be uploaded at this section. The image should be a PNG, JPG or JPEG  file.

8.   Downloads: This is where the seller uploads the complete file of the project material. It must be a .DOC, .PDF, .ZIP, .RAR, .DOCX file.



9.  Author: This indicates the Names of the Author/Authors of the Project Document.

10. Document Type: Here the seller is expected to choose the type of file uploaded. PDF/DOC/DOCX/RAR/ZIP.

11.Class of Degree: The seller chooses the level of higher learning under which the Research Project was conducted.

12. Institution: The seller chooses the institution under which the research project was conducted.




All projects uploaded on ProjectRim store should adhere to the guidelines stated below. Failure to meet with the requirements shall result to the refund of payment back to the buyer and withdrawal of the project material from ProjectRim’s online store.




Title Page

This should contain the following information: 

o Title, 

o Full name of author, 

o Degree that it  contributes towards, 

o Industrial or other collaboration if appropriate, 

o Month and year of submission. 

Note that the title page should not show a page number.



The abstract should allow the reader who is unfamiliar with the work to gain a swift and accurate impression of what the project is about, how it arose and what has been achieved.


Contents List

This should give a complete list of what the report contains starting with the abstract (the title page is not included in the contents list).


List of Tables/Figures

If the report contains figures or tables, a list of these should be provided. The list should give the table or figure number, the title of the table or figure and the page number. If only a few tables and figures are present, they may be treated on one page. Remember that all figures and tables used must be referred to in the text.



It is normal to thank those who have given help and support (typically your supervisor). Keep acknowledgements short and business-like.



This section introduces the reader to the subject area in the project. It may include such things as:

o how the need for the system etc was identified,

o the nature of the

o application area,  the relationship with any industrial partner and so on,


A brief outline of the project work should also be included. Some evidence of reading around the area is expected. This reading could be outlined in either a References Section or a Bibliography Section.  A plan of oranization for the project should be stated in the introduction section


Methodology (Main Body of the Report)

This section should/could be divided into a number of chapters and sub-chapters. Each of these should contain a reasonably separate topic of discussion and be arranged in a logical sequence. The linkage between chapters should be stated clearly at the beginning and/or the end of each chapter to show the relationships between chapters.



The conclusion chapter should state briefly the achievements of the project, the conclusions and suggestions for further work.



These should be used for reference material, such as selected pieces of research data and other information which is too bulky, or would detract from the flow of the text, if included in the main body of the document. Try to make reference material that will be consulted from many different places in the document and appendix. Otherwise, put the information into a figure or table and keep it close to the text that refers to it.


References and Bibliography

There should always be a list of all books, articles and technical resources consulted. The use of all source material should be explicit in the report. This means that normally ever item in the reference list will be referred to in the report and every item mentioned in the report will have an entry in the reference list.


Note: We hereby advice all Sellers to Ensure That Their Product's are free from any form Of copyright infringement, as this will lead to the termination of Seller's account.